Post 92 – Why Xbox Series X & Why You Shouldn’t Buy It?

What The Xbox Series X Really Is About? And Why You Shouldn’t Buy It…

One bold move… One giant fuck up… What is known as Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console & what happened to all the video games published for the Xbox One console. Not even the Xbox One X could save Microsoft from it’s fuck up…

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X… To save the day… Phil Spencer… I am hearing good things… Seems Microsoft is learning… slowly…

Xbox Series X!!! The Best Gaming Console!!! to play Xbox One video games.

ok. Lets get into it… lol… Microsoft’s Big Xbox One Fuck Up…

Microsoft released a gaming console into retail, needing the internet, out of the box, Day One Patch, 2013 (60% of the planet had zero access to any form of internet connectivity, ps4 – 120 million units, xbox 360 – 85 million units, Xbox One – ??? (Microsoft won’t say, lol…

In 2013, on average, looking a town/city, 60% of that town/city, had zero access to any form of internet connectivity… Meaning 5 million xbox one product goes into retail, only 40% of stock sells through.

Average internet connectivity on the planet 2020, 60%… Meaning 40% up to 60% of Xbox One stock just sitting in the warehouses around the world… Buy online (Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store)

Side-Note, Epic Games Store pays publishers the lost sales, to not release product into retail. Because retail is clogged up with Xbox One Products.

Important Note, Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition (PC retail) Edition. Discs/install/play… sold really well…

Witcher 3 Launch Product, Discs/internet(download 20mb installation files from CD Project Red)/then you could play. 2015, 55% had zero form of internet connectivity… Witcher 3 GOTY Retail PC Edition, sold really well, no lost sales.

By now you have guessed it…
Microsoft’s Big Fuck Up…

Sony held the applause & trolled Microsoft’s Xbox One right after their presentation. PS4 – 120 million units & most product selling through. This is how you share a video game? lol.

On average video game publishers will release 5 million units of video game product into retail. For the most part the ps4 version would sell through… But it was Microsoft’s Xbox One video game titles that saw up to 60% lost sales.

side note, Lost Sales is a term used when people don’t have any form of internet connectivity.

Lets use, Red Dead Redemption 2 – Retail Stock.

Important Note, Sales Rate between platforms are suppose to be around the same. Valve Steam blocked 90% of the PC video game market in 2003 when only 10% of the planet had some form of internet connectivity… Witcher 3 GOTY PC Retail stock sold through just like the PS4 version… But Xbox One Retail Stock only selling 55% through.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched into retail with 30 million units, 15m ps4 & 15m Xbox One retail copies of the game. $60 per unit?

With-in days Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 15 million stock. PS4 – 12 million units, 3 million units.

With-in the Month, Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 20 million units…? lol.
15 million ps4 units.
5 million Xbox One Units? lol.
10 million Xbox One Units of Red Dead Redemption 2 – lost sales.

10 million Unsold Units of RDR2 xb1, just sitting there in warehouses around the world. $60? times 10 million units? $600 million Dollars, just sitting in warehouses around the world? Not selling through.

On average 5 million units per platform gets released into retail when a video game launches.

The Last of Us Part 5 sales rate dropped 85% after 4 million sales… Sony only publishing 5 million stock of the last of us part 2 into retail.

Now imagine every single Xbox One published retail video game product, up to 60% of product not selling & just sitting in warehouses, clogging up space… a big fuck up.

Phil Spencer… Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S.

The Real Purpose of The Xbox Series X & S…
Play all the Xbox One video games from retail on the new Xbox Series X.

Not confirmed yet, but reading between the lines…
Phil Spencer… Xbox Series X/S has to work & play video games, out of the box, before any form of internet connectivity is needed.

Example, Xbox Series X, take it out of the box, plug into TV, Plug into power, turn on, insert Xbox One retail product, play Xbox one retail video game.

Important Note, Xbox One X/S console, take it out of the box, plug into tv, plug into internet connection, plug into power, download day 1 patch, play game.
2013 – 60% of the planet/city/town couldn’t do this.
2020 – 40% of the planet/city/town still can’t do that…
Big Fuck Up…

Phil Spencer has been saying that all can play & that all XBox One video games can work/play on the Xbox Series X.

The other thing about The Xbox Series X/S… It has to be cheap. A lot of stock needs to be moved from retail/warehouses. As quick as possible.

Sony’s PS5 Digital Console, isn’t going to sell that much. I reckon 15m million to people who can use it. And 10m to stupid people who can’t use it properly… long download times/expensive mobile data prices… 35m million max.

Where PS5 with Discs-Drive, 100 million easy.

If i was Sony, 35m digital consoles at $320.
& PS5 Discs-Drive at $379.

Forces Microsoft’s hand lower…
Xbox Series X – $349
Xbox Series S – $299
(this is all about clearing Xbox One Video Game Stock clogging up warehouses/retail)

But we more than likely looking at Pricing as…
PS5 Disc-Drive – $479
PS5 Digital – $399

Xbox Series X – $379
Xbox Series S – $349

On Average… Witcher 3/user-hype, retail + Valve Steam + GOG + Origin + Uplay + Xbox Live + PSN + everywhere, & lower priced…
Witcher 3 PC – 12m
Witcher 3 PS4 – 10m
Witcher 3 Xbox One – 4.3m

5 million units into retail at launch, 1 million units into retail each following year, 5 years. hence PS4 selling 10 million units.

Witcher 3 with 8m retail units, lost sales, not selling through. 8 million units X $60?…
On Average for every video game product launched into retail, for the last 7 years.

I am not going to go through every Xbox One + PC retail units, & 8 million units each, clogging up warehouses/retails around the world? I’m guessing it’s a lot?

Xbox Series X, the best gaming console to play Xbox One retail games…

Important Note, No GTA 6 released for PS4/Xbox One… Meaning… lost sales… don’t release GTA (money maker)…

Video Game Publishers has held back development / held back launching their video games… I mean, up to 60% of Xbox One stock not selling through… 8m X $60 = $480 million dollars.

The Next 3 years of Xbox Series X, Gaming Publishers will be releasing their held back development products. 2023?

Sony has no lost sales… PS5 can do whatever it wants… Sony investing heavily into PS5 development.
Sony is busy doing some interesting things & with a new full featured controller.

If you haven’t played any form of video games for the last 7 years. The Xbox Series X, wait for a cheap price.

But if you want to play new & interesting video game products… Sony’s PS5.

Important Note, If Sony releases Exclusive titles for PC/retail/install/play… no internet requirements out of the box. 5 million stock will sell through.

Death Stranding Valve Steam (download-only), 2020, 40% lost sales. equates to 5 million retail PC stock needing Steam/PSN/any form of online connectivity, only selling 3m max.
Instead of selling 100% through.

Witcher 3 GOTY Retail Edition, no internet, install/play. Sold at PS4 sales rate.
Xb1 version sold at 55% of the rate.
suppose to be around the same…

Cyberpunk 2077 PC Launch Retail/Download Code… 100GB of data to install… months/expensive mobile data?… 75% lost sales…
5 million units into retail…
1.25 million units sells through…
3.75 million units, lost sales…
… A Big Fuck Up…
adding 2m Xbox One lost sales…
Cyberpunk 2077 launching with 5.75 million units unsold. This is bad. Xbox Series X to clear this stock. PC retail product still fucked.

Microsoft has also ended Xbox One console production.

Valve Steam was used to block 90% of the users from buying/playing. Microsoft needed Xbox users.
Xbox 360 sold really well, 85 million units.
Xbox One, Microsoft tried to replace the cable/top unit many users were using to watch football/TV.

USA cable TV, comes with internet lines. Microsoft wanted their Xbox One console to replace Cable/Top boxes. Cable & Internet lines going into One box. Cable/Gaming Internet/Top box. Football TV for the folks, E-sports for the kids.

Only problem with the Xbox One, 60% of the planet had zero form of internet connectivity in 2013.

Phil Spencer’s Xbox Series X, plays Red Dead Redemption 2 on max PC specs, & offline gamers can now buy/use the Xbox Series X.

Phil Spencer has done good. I do believe that when Phil Spencer was appointed, people were happy. For the gamer…

Phil Spencer’s Xbox Series X, is a console for the gamer, well designed & powerful. RDR2 looks good on PC at max settings.

Phil Spencer’s Xbox Series X/S to cost/perform to get more people playing games. No Lost Sales? Let’s Hope.

If the Xbox Series X is to clear Xbox One game stock out of retail? Then i am waiting to see the next Phil Spencer’s Xbox console… erm Xbox Two X? lol.

Why is Microsoft so hard headed to learn? We are people? Who just wants to play videos games. Don’t block people, who want to buy & who wants to play, from the products/consoles.

Phil Spencer did good with the Xbox Series X. Just that PS5 though? PC be like, IDK what that is but I want to see…? lol.

Phil Spencer’s Xbox Series X Marketing… Buy Xbox One retail games, Upgrade to Xbox Series X…

If you couldn’t buy the Xbox One Console due zero access to the internet & now can purchase the Xbox Series X Console (no internet required out), they can’t make use of the upgrade/download… Marketing Speech 101… promise the world & get nothing in return.

If you have been playing on the Xbox One console over these last 7 years? You most likely already played & not willing to buy again, to play again, on Xbox Series X. Hence that PS5 though.

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