Post 93 – Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One – Microsoft’s Big Xbox Series X Gamble?

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One – Microsoft’s Big Xbox Series X Gamble?

All eyes are on the Xbox One retail version of Cyberpunk 2077. Everyone in the gaming industry is riding on the success of the Xbox One version of Cyberpunk 2077, that retail product.

Let me explain.
All Xbox One retail video games has experienced up to 60% lost sales. That means, unsold retail units, just sitting there in warehouses around the world.

Microsoft launched Xbox One console into retail in 2013, requiring an internet connection, with 60% of the planet/city/town/ having zero form on internet connectivity.

Which lead to All Xbox One video game stock selling up to 60% less. No better than PC video game retail stock, needing some form of internet connectivity, valve steam/uplay/origin/epicstore/xbox live/psn/ect…

PS4 = 120 million units sold/no lost sales.
Xbox One = maybe 50 million units sold?
PC = Witcher 3 Game Of The Year Edition PC Retail/no lost sales/same sales rate as ps4 version.

If Video Game Publishers releases PC video game products into retail without internet requirements & drm-free… It will sell through, just like how the ps4 version sells through.

Xbox One needs the internet out of the box before any video game can play… up to 60% lost sales… in 2013 only 40% of the planet had some form of internet connectivity.

Tomb Raider launched in 2013 – 3.4 million units sold out of 5 million – xbox one.

Red dead Redemption 2 launched 15 million Xbox One retail product & Xbox One barely sold 5 million units. Where PS4 version with 15 million launch units sold through.

All Video Games Published for Xbox One, up to 60% of retail stock is just sitting there in warehouses around the world, not selling.

Witcher 3 PC GAME OF THE YEAR 2016 edition sold through with no internet requirements & no drm.

CD Prject Red launched witcher 3 2015 with 5 million PC units & 5 million Xbox One units, both with high lost sales. PS4 version of witcher 3 2015, sold through.

I reckon CD Product Red is sitting with close to 10 million xbox one & PC witcher 3 stock in warehouses.

After 5 years of Witcher 3 sales, PC – 12m units, PS4 – 10m units, Xbox One – 4.3 million units.
Meaning, 5.7 million unsold Xbox One stock & 3 million PC launch stock.
Witcher 3 PC GOTY (2016-2019) 5 million stock, sold through.

Enough Explaining…
I spoke to Anno 1800 people on twitter… they can’t comprehend lost sales. Even after explaining… Just saying… I am the target audience for Anno 1800… I didn’t buy…

Microsoft’s idea behind the Xbox Series X… Get all the Xbox One video game stock out of retail…

Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed to ship alongside the Xbox Series X.

The idea behind the Xbox Series X, is that Cyberpunk 2077 will have 3 million unsold retail stock, & the Xbox Series X has to try & clear that stock out of retail.

How? Xbox Series X has to be an offline device, out of the box from retail, no internet requirements to play xbox one & xbox series x video game product from retail.

Understand… Sony’s PS5 Digital… will have 40% lost sales… 40% of the world average town/city has zero form of any internet connectivity 2020. Not even mobile.
Fast Fibre Internet to the home, 3%.
Mobile – 5g is replacing 4g towers in business districts. 4G towers will be replacing 3G towers. Meaning more people getting faster internet speeds. 48% of high data costs.

PS4 sold 120 million units. 20m units coming from Microsoft blocking 50 million xbox 360 users.

I reckon Sony’s PS5 Digital console selling 15 million units to people, who can use the product properly. & 10 million units to stupid people, who can’t use the product properly.

PS5 Disc Console (offline console) 100 million unit sales…

Xbox Series X/S (Offline Devices) 100 million units of sales…

Concerning Xbox Series X + Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One + Nov 2020… How fast can the Xbox Series X going to shift through 3 million unsold Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One retail product?

That is the Question everyone is waiting for an answer too. The gaming industry is sitting with millions of xbox one retail stock just sitting in warehouses around the world.

Microsoft has to get that stock out of retail. Clogging up retail space around the world… is not on.
Xbox Series X has to move that xbox one game stock out of retail.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X marketing… Free Upgrade… erm? in 2013 60% couldn’t buy xbox one console. 2020 40% can’t download an upgrade… Not Really Free Upgrade… 40% still has to buy the upgrade at retail for xbox series x.

It should work. It sounds like Phil Spencer understands. Xbox Series X & S has to be offline devices, that can play every xbox one video game. & it needs to be cheap.

Why has CD Project Red decided to launch Cyberpunk 2077 PC as a download code into retail? Up to 75% lost sales? Clogging up retail space? Again? The Same People Who Launch Witcher 2 In 2011 With DRM & 70% lost sales? With No Other Products? Stupid…?

CD Project RED marketing… For The Gamer??? lol.
Cyberpunk 2077 PC – up to 75% lost sales?
Cyberpunk 2077 XB1 – up to 60% lost sales?

CDPR… If people can’t buy the fucking product? Because people don’t have internet access & large % of internet users are on mobile with high data costs.
$60 + $200 for data to download Cyberpunk 2077 PC? Fuck that.

Witcher 3 Game of the Year PC Retail, discs/install/play. Sold Through. – This Is How All Video Games Should Be Sold.

Sony – Disc/PS4/PS5/install/play. Sells through. – Sony trolled Microsoft right after their E3 Presentation….

Microsoft – retail/internet/xbox one/install/play.
2013 – 60% = no internet!!!
2020 – 40% = NO INTERNET!!!
unsold stock sitting in retail.

When you choose to buy a video game from an online store instead of retail?
No One Else can buy/use that copy? Data Shows.

If you buy a PS4 or Nintendo Switch or Witcher 3 GOTY PC, from an online store instead of retail?
There is another person who can buy that copy from retail. Data Shows.

My Point?
It’s a fucking video game?
A Video Game?
Can We Let People Who Want to Buy & Play Video Games?
Buy & Play Them?

Offline Gaming Devices?
Offline Retail Discs?
Offline Install?
Offline Play?

Then Add the Internet Features?


Sony couldn’t understand why people were cheering for how gaming products should be? Offline Gaming Devices that anyone can buy & play?

Listen to Microsoft in 2013 launching the Xbox One Console…
60% in 2013 had zero form of online connectivity.
Xbox 360 sold 85 million units.
Xbox One with internet needs out of the box from retail… to download a system update… for free? lol. Stupid…

Good Luck Microsoft.
Phil Spencer. If those consoles, XBox series x/s are offline devices & cheap. Then you did good. If not, then boo on you.

Microsoft wanted to turn the Xbox One console into a cable/set-top box. lol.
CD Project Red still don’t know how to sell a product. lol.
Sony be like, What the fuck is wrong with all of you?

Sony PS5 Disc Console is the recommended video game device.

If you have not played any video games for the last 10 years. Get the Xbox Series X & S, at a low cost.

If you want new shit? PS5. Plus after Mark Cerny’s PS5 presentation, We All want to see what’s going on there…

Xbox Series X is not impressive. RDR2 at high settings. We seen it already.

I want to see a Grand Theft Auto type of video game designed exclusively for the PS5. I mention GTA because RockStar has the time/money to give the ps5 a good try. How many unsold GTA 5 Xbox One copies are still in retail? PC too.

Point is, Xbox Series X only works at a $349 point with Xbox Series S at $279. Anything Higher, I want the PS5.

Xbox Series X has to clear Xbox One stock retail stock first. Then GTA6 can be released. 3 years? at what price?

Ok that’s it for me. Pass on to developers & publishers.

I’m also interested in starting a video game studio. Need funding. Got some interesting ideas to grow. thank you.

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