Post 96 – Cannabis Regulation in South Africa – How I Want It.

How Cannabis Regulation in South Africa Should Look like!!!

To understand cannabis:

When people say they are “high” from cannabis. They are referring to cannabis indica.

One cannabis helps you sleep and another can help you get your day going.

When people say cannabis makes them “high”, often not experienced when using cannabis sativa.

In a legal system, people prefer using cannabis sativa. Morning, wake up, cannabis sativa, mood uplift, get the day going, more considerate driving to work, lunch uplift/eat, drive home, cannabis indica to go sleep at night.

New York, USA, prefer cannabis sativa, work all day, work all night.

California, USA, prefer cannabis indica, work then cannabis indica to sleep.

In an illegal cannabis system, cannabis indica grows faster & produces more yield/product.

South Africa has a world renowned cannabis strain, a sativa cannabis strain, Durban Poison.

Private Cannabis Licences to grow, typical cannabis indica growers. Grows Faster/More Yield.

Government Cannabis Licences to grow cannabis sativa.

Public Cannabis Licenses to grow hybrid/specialized strains, for commercial headstores/clubs/other, stock levels.

A South African Government Cannabis Strain…

I am an African with german blood, dutch blood, british blood, i’m sure there is some indian blood too, my penis looks like it comes from the Philippines.

Dutch Renowned cannabis strain by mixing cannabis from Brazil & cannabis from India.

South Africa using such a strain to breed it with Africa cannabis…

Apartheid has fallen. All land returns to native south africans. Land without compensation.

That Dutch Apartheid farmer, now growing cannabis for the government/private…

I want to see cruise ships coming from the east/aus lands into the eastern cape of south africa.

Tourist cannabis routes from eastern cape, to Durban, and fly out of the country from JHB.

Tourist cruise ships from the west/UK/Brazil, into Eastern Cape RSA, cannabis tourist routes, to fly out of JHB, on an Airbus, the big one.

Cannabis & Wine. Airbus out.

Lesotho & Zimbabwe, both are looking towards trading cannabis with the world.

South Africa shouldn’t stand in their way.

Cannabis Tourists comes into the Eastern Cape, cannabis indica and cannabis high-bred from private/government/lesotho/headstores/clubs/ect.

Cannabis Tourists Routes towards KZN, RSA.

Cannabis sativa from government/lesotho/headstores/clubs/ect.

Cannabis Tourist from KZN…

Cannabis sativa, uplift mood, to get to JHB to fly out…

From KZN to JHB, straight route or detour through nature reverse or Sun City.

Premium Cannabis Sativa towards JHB/Sun City and Premium Cannabis Sativa Oils for Nature Reverse Routes, from private/headstore/clubs/zimbabwe/ect.

Cannabis Tourist Fly’s out from JHB, South African Airlines, Airbus.

This is how cannabis regulates should look like in South Africa.

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