Post 100 – A Long Walk To Freedom – 2020 Update – Investment Drive – South Africa

Portuguese South Africa

Year – 1400

British south africa

Year – 1500

Dutch south africa

Year – 1600

new south africa – native south africans got their country back.

The Republic of south africa

Year – 1994.

Over 400 years to build up an apartheid south africa. Placing native south africans into 1/8th of the space, when building a up a town/city/circle.

Just over 100 years for anti-apartheid to take effect. Nelson Mandela, first born of an apartheid movement. Native south africans fighting with their hearts on their shoulders.

The effects of an apartheid built system can be seen in places like north america and aus land. Placing the native population into the smallest of space within a town, that grows into a city.

Apartheid South Africa with 54 million people of colour (africans, indians, chinese, mixed) into 1/8th the space of a circle.

And 4 million british & dutch & french & german, getting to play within the rest of the space/circle/town/city.

Those outside the circle, with no jobs available, eventually dying out.

Those people of colour within the circle, wages so low that death awaits for those missing a day of work.

Then when most of the native population has died out, fill the circle. The oppressor becomes the …

The space of the circle that was once so prevalent to the native of americans, replaced with slaves.

Now North America awaits for the black population to die out.

Do you find native Australians occupying a lot of the space within the towns/cities?

Why did racist apartheid south africans leave for aus land, when apartheid came to an end in south africa?

It took 400 years to build the apartheid system within south africa. Every town/city in south africa was built in the apartheid 7% image.

New South Africa 2020, only been 26 years.

Since 1994, South africa reaching out with power and water. Millions of native south africans still to this day without power and water. But south africa has reached 95% of the population with power and water.

Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki turned one investment for a medium sized coal power plant from USA, into two massive coal power plants. Hopely enough power to reach out to all the south africans living in south africa.

Those indian and chinese communities. The jewish & muslim communities. The nigerians too. South africa has to rebuild, for all the people. Even the racist ones have human rights.

Jacob Zuma.

Hopefully 2021 will see south africa completing nelson mandela & Thabo Mbeki’s, first step of new south africa.

When the two large coal power plants are completed and power and water has reach 100% of south africans.

One small for man. One giant leap forward for mankind. South africa took one big step forward with jacob zuma.

South africa 2020, is now getting ready to to rebuild out of the apartheid built south africa, a 7% system, that saw native south africans placed within 1/8th of the space, when building a town/city/ a circle.

Into a brand new city, as the president of south africa cyril ramaphosa, has said.

South Africa needing more power plants to accommodate, a brand new city, for all the people, within south africa. Yes, even the racist ones.

Jacob Zuma reached out to europe, the lions den, only to find an oppressor, still angry, that south african native people took their land, their country, back, from oppression.

Jacob Zuma took south africa and joined BRICS.

Brazil. Russia. India. China. South Africa.

Erm? Wind. Water. Earth. Fire. And heart. With these powers combined? Captain Planet.

That makes south africa the heart. If i look at the native south african ideal. Heart makes sense for south africa.

I mean. If you ask where is Jesus? The answer is, south africa. It doesn’t quite work, as one would assume.


Help develop, developing nations. Road and Belt trade network throughout the world.

The example would be… if jesus fashioned a log into a table. That table could be shipped world-wide, within days, from south africa.

Instead of by boat. Time to clean up the oceans.

If jesus baked a cake and sends a slice to his 12 disciples… and each one getting a fresh slice of jesus’s cake. No matter where on the planet.


I can no longer look at china as alone.

I can no longer look at india as alone.

I can no longer see russia as alone.

I can no longer see brazil as alone.

I can no longer see south africa as alone.

And so long as south africa is there. I see captain planet. Where is jesus? South africa.

When the news says china and india is fighting with rebel sticks? The army fighting with metal sticks with nails welded to it?

I view china and india as the same thing.


Jacob Zuma took south africa and joined BRICS and got a nuclear power deal. Enough power to rebuild south africa out of apartheid, into a human rights system. For all the people incl. The racist people.

It’s only been 26 years. South Africa has built 2 massive coal power plants. Without money, i might add. And south africa has nuclear power plant deals in place.

Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cyril ramaphosa has 10 years to get as much money as he can. South Africa needs to build a nuclear power plant.

Cyril Ramaphosa has a goal of R1 Trillion south african rand. About $58 billion US in 2020. Over 10 years. About $5.5 Billion/year.

That is where south africa is. Still waiting for the two massive coal power plants to complete construction and spinning at full speed. 2021 (maybe).

You will hear from news media & from native south africans singing songs of doom. Wanting/calling for south africa to change/reform… now. But one can not grow qithout power. And without money, it takes longer to build.

But with south africa joined to BRICS. South africa’s first sigh of relief. It’s going to be ok.

South africa’s future is set in stone. For All the People. Human Rights. A circle/town/city, for all the people’s basic human rights.

South Africa is an untold story. An open book. Racism built into the system. How would you rebuild the circle/town/city, for all the people in your town/city?

South Africa has to answer that question.

And that is where you fit in. How long does it take for south africa to get investment to build a nuclear power plant? How long to pay off? 20 to 50 years? Then the rebuild.

it’s on the young adults to come up with ideas to build a city for all the people. How do you get bill gates to live in less space, with the common person, lost at the bottom, a basic standard of living life, within the circle?

The Dream.

I have started a company. Now I seek Money/Investment/…

10 year setup – Start writing the code.

There is a lot to setup. Concerning product/trade.

Video Games as products…

3-4 video game products over 10 years shipping towards brics.

Aiming towards 6 video game products over the following 10 years. While expanding into towns within south africa.

Video Game Products…

Khoi-San and the language. The roots of human kind.

Meeting brazil, india, china, russia, new south africa, language/setting/cultures/ect.

Khoi-san people/culture/language/ busy dying out.

Product and Company adopting Khoi-San language/culture.

Driving tourism from BRICS to the khio-san in south africa.

I want a video game product to come with a full stack. Radio, Print, App, Merch, Toys, Anime/Manga, ect and tourism package ads.

Khoi-San meets BRICS.

Khoi-San Language can be used to unite a nation.

I want to use khoi-san to unite BRICS with propagated product.

With Video Game Products, there are movement/dance, audio/singing, hand and eye/calligraphy, brain/lines of code.

If a person can move/speak/think, i want them to enter the front and learn or teach.

Think tanks throughout south africa, propagating towards rebuilding the circle/town/city, into a new human rights city.

With video game/products, to keep the lights on.

Eventually i want to turn the sands of africa into compute chips. Far into the future.

In 1994, south africa’s first election for all the people.

I wondered why there were people of colour voting to keep being oppressed by an apartheid system.

It’s the blood. Just because the skin colour is darker, the blood still reaches back.

And when it comes to reaching back with blood.

I have german blood. I have dutch blood. I have british blood. I have indian blood. My penis looks like it comes from the philippines. And I have africa khoi-san blood.

When tracing the blood of humanity back… you will find all humans tracing back to the khoi-san blood/people/culture/language.

We can’t let the khoi-san language & culture die out on this planet.

This investment is an attempt… A cry… People need help… Help?

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