Post 101 – Donald Trump Has Covid-19 – Sunday Sermon

The People’s Virus – President Trump Announced As Covid-19 Positive.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account announced that President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump, has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

This comes shortly after the US Election Debate between President Donald Trump & Former Vice-President Joe Biden, where Joe Biden failed to offer the American people anything but defeating Donald Trump.

Joe Biden failed at holding his nerve during the Debates and couldn’t capture the American people’s needs/wants, as the American people are struggling through Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 200k deaths in USA connected to the Coronavirus, due to a failing healthcare system. With black & Hispanic people dying at a much higher rate.

The American people wants a national healthcare plan, where every American is on one healthcare plan through the government. More money in the pot means better healthcare for all.

Coronavirus has split a hospital’s capacity in half. One side for normal operations & the other side for covid-19 cases.

USA has the most deaths in the world. Even South Africa’s government told the private hospitals to accept all and work with government as one.

USA also has the most Coronavirus infections. Due to the American people not wanting to wear the masks and stay at home.

China, Russia, India, South Africa, all had serious lock-down protocols. Wear the masks & stay at home, to not overwhelm the hospitals.

Recently South Africa did an analysis between the differences of Private Healthcare vs Public Healthcare. The analysis found zero difference. Private Healthcare didn’t offer any better healthcare over that of public healthcare and in some cases private healthcare offered worse healthcare/treatment.

Private Healthcare in South Africa did their own analysis on the viablity of an affordable private healthcare plan for all the people and couldn’t make it work, benefit the private healthcare insurer, while offering nothing better than public healthcare.

South Africa is moving towards a national healthcare system, where all the people are under one government healthcare plan.
-National Health Insurance (NHI), Department of Health RSA.

Donald Trump calls national government healthcare plan, socialism healthcare… American people raised to be oppose socialism, where the rest of the world views healthcare as a human right.

USA views healthcare as a profit incentive, where simple medical procedures can often leave people with a mountain of debt.

Joe Biden is not offering the American people anything new/different. And when you can’t offer anything new… the sitting president often stays.

Coupled with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris talking about taking the American people back into war, this time with Iran, over trade routes, affecting the world.

I don’t think Donald Trump himself is tweeting over on Twitter. From a government perspective, having the president make non-vetted public comment to the people. Can have dire consequences and legal ramifications.

Donald Trump announcing that he and his wife has coronavirus and have to quarantine, means that the remaining debates are cancelled.

I believe in human rights and basic human rights for all the people and not just some. I felt Donald Trump won that debate over Joe Biden because Joe didn’t offer anything and if you don’t offer the people a better option, the sitting president stays.

But the news media & political groups, have been trying hard to be anti-trump at all costs. While I feel Trump won the Debate, that is not going to be the view anywhere.

Donald Trump made his points and pointed out that Joe Biden can’t handle a barrage of information/data coming his way. And Joe Biden making weak points of a president not knowing anything… when a president is one of the most informed individual in a country.

When not standing up for anything new for the American people, Joe Biden had to bullshit every point and couldn’t keep his story/point straight.

Donald Trump doesn’t have to keep on debating Joe Biden and it will just hurt him in the press.

A president is going to be well protected and cautioned, especially during a pandemic… I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump used Covid-19 as a play to not debate Joe Biden anymore and to change the narrative away from the forced negative press coverage concerning the debates.

The Presidency means something to the people. Joe Biden bad mouthing and name-calling the presidency, is not a good look and off putting.

United States of America, is preparing/setting up for war with yet another country. And this time it’s going to be a big war.

I wonder if the American people are aware/prepared.

Sunday Sermon.

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