Post 102 – Trump’s Covid-19 Conspiracy

Donald Trump had a good debate against Joe Biden, seeing as Joe Biden had nothing new to offer the American people. Rather the devil you know, than the devil you don’t. Coupled with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris speaking about taking the American people to war with yet another country.

Soon after the debate, Donald Trump tweets that he has Coronavirus. The rest of the debates have been cancelled. And now Donald Trump tweets out the real reasons behind the Covid-19 news.

Many believe that the Coronavirus virus started in China but even at the U.N. 2020, the president of China, Xi Jinping said that China is still seeking the origin of the Coronavirus.

If you look at South Africa’s Coronavirus data, most of the countries infections happened in the west side of the country, coming in from ports that trades with the west.

At the beginning of the year, India & China mass produced PPE’s for the BRICS countries and went into lock-down.

USA & EU countries didn’t get 1st priority to PPE and shipping to Brazil took far too long.

Donald Trump lied and stalled the American people until USA could secure mass PPE’s. USA should by now, end of 2020, have access to PPE’s and should start complete lock-downs. Wear the Mask and stay at home.

This is where we find the Donald Trump Covid-19 conspiracy. Donald Trump compares Coronavirus to that of the common flu and asking if the country should be locked down over the flu. The tweet was flagged as spreading misleading and potentially harmful information, because USA now needs to wear the masks and have a complete lock-down to mitigate the Coronavirus outbreak in America.

100 years ago with the Spanish Flu, Spain was just the 1st to go public with the outbreak and the virus didn’t originate from Spain.

100 years ago with the Spanish Flu, a second wave occurred when people didn’t wear the masks and gathered in crowds.

Today 2020, Donald Trump wants the country to not wear masks and to gather in large crowds as nothing happened.

The reason why so many people are dying, is because hospitals are split in half. One side for normal operations and another side for Coronavirus cases. When you overwhelm hospitals running at 50% capacity, many people die.

South Africa has one of the best human rights constitutions in the world and South Africa had a very strict lock-down. Banning the sale of alcohol (not overwhelm hospital ICUs) and banning the sale of cigarettes because of health reasons.

South Africa slowly opened up making sure to not overwhelm the hospitals and today the death-rate and infection-rate are down. And South Africa is looking for any signs of Wave-2.

Coronavirus, one day you are fine and then one day you can’t breath any more.

Donald Trump’s oxygen never went under 90%. Had press briefing his hospital room and within days he was waving to the crowds that formed outside the military medical center. Donald Trump is taking off his mask at the White House and the White House staff also taking off their masks when the cameras stop rolling.

Donald Trump is now downplaying the severity of the Coronavirus in order to not shut down the country, and not contain the virus outbreak. Putting more lives at risk of death.

USA has also printed a lot of money. Donald Trump has printed over $3 trillion.

When you print a lot of money, it is practise to buy gold. India also printed money and India also bought gold. But gold has been in short supply due to the Coronavirus.

If Donald Trump is printing a lot of money and not buying gold. That means USA is heading for a massive recession.

Joe Biden is already talking about taxing the upper-middle class. Those earning $400k/year.

It seems Donald Trump is leaving the office with a big bang and Joe Biden is going to go big bang another country. And the U.N countries are pleading the USA for no wars and to stop the sanctions.

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