Post 103 – How to cook and eat food properly? And Save The Planet.

There is an ancient art form of cooking and eating food. Across the planet you will find this ancient cooking art form. In 2020 it can not be easier to adapt this ancient form of cooking and eating food. And save the planet while you at it.

Step 1 – Pressure Cook Some Beans.

Cooking beans in 2020 is so easy. I can find electric pressure cookers at the local food stores. Soak the beans and push 1 button on the pressure cooker to cook the beans.

In the Ancient Days, I would have to find wood to chop and start a fire. Get the iron 3 legged pot out, with an iron pot lit so heavy that will trap the steam inside the pot.

Now in 2020, i can just push 1 button and pressure cook beans with ease and safely, without the lip popping off.

Step 2 – Steam Cook Some Vegetables.

Cooking vegetables can be time consuming. I have a vegetable stew that is so good but I need over 10 different vegetables to get to my desired taste and after taste of wanting more.

But I can’t cook vegetables in this fashion everyday. It just takes too long. 45-90 minutes.

In Ancient Times, I would have to get the timing just right, to add the vegetables into the iron pot over the fire, to not over-cook the vegetables.

Today in 2020, I push one button on the electric steam cooker and steam cook the vegetables to perfection.

Step 3 – Browning The Sugar.

Browning the sugar goes back in time, the days of ancient times. Many cultures around the world browns the sugar.

How to Brown the Sugar?

In a pan/pot add some garlic, onions, sugar and spice, some oil.

Fry over medium heat until the sugars ooze out of the fruits and turn brown and let the sugars and spice infuse into the onions and oil.

Add the pressure cooked beans and steamed vegetables into the brown sugar and spice.

Let the browned sugar and spice cook into the beans and vegetables.

Step 4 – Eat With Regional Staple.

I personally like eating with pasta and breads. Many like to eat with rice or flat breads.

Step 5 – Enjoy.

No meat is needed nor recommended.

Only add meats as flavouring.

Even in Ancient Days, fleshy meat was not sort after. Even the hunter/gathers will use animal organs to add flavour to the browning of the sugar step. Adding some livers or kidneys, to add more flavour.

But today in 2020, you should be able to find Indian spices, all over the world. You won’t find yourself without access to spices & fruits, that you would need animal organs to add flavour.

2020 also found the world locking down due to viruses coming out of animal factory farming.

To sustain 10 billion people and the health of the planet. It is recommended to return to eating in this fashion. Beans, vegetables, fruits, spice.

There is not enough space on this planet, to grow food for animal factory farming to feed 10 billion people with animal meat.

If the people of the world doesn’t change their eating ways. The planet will naturally eradicate the human race, as the planet does to all life-forms that outgrows their need.

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