Post 105 – Sony Tears Down the PS5 & It’s Good

I’ve been waiting for Sony to reveal the PS5’s board. Here I thought Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console design was impressive considering space and cooling. But Sony out chip and out controlled, Microsoft.

With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft just slapped a huge vapour chamber on the chip and filled the chip with graphic compute units.

Instead of competing with Microsoft’s, who’s vapour chamber is the biggest? Sony went down a different route. A Custom SSD Controller route.

The idea behind Sony’s custom SSD design?

Making the distance between SSD controller and System on Chip, so fast that the SoC can pull data right off the SSD memory, uncompressed, and get it into the video game as the player is moving around.

The PS5 console can now have larger files/assets loaded into GDDR6 memory, and pull smaller files/assets, off the SSD.

This is a new way of video game design / asset management.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is using a Dram-free SSD controller and operating at half the speed that Sony’s PS5 custom operates at.

I don’t know how well Microsoft’s Xbox Series X games will perform compared to the PS5 console, but all those old game development kept back from release, should play better on the Xbox Series X because of the higher CU count.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console launched needing an internet connection out of the box, to download a system patch update. In 2013, 60% of the world average town/city, had zero form of internet access.

That means in 2013, only 40% of the world’s average town/city could make use of the Xbox One console. This lead to all Xbox One video games released into retail has up to 60% unsold stock.

In 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 for Xbox One will have up to 60% unsold units. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is meant to clear all those Xbox One unsold retail video game stock.

If you have not played any video games for the last 7 years. Get the Xbox Series X.

If you have played video games in the last 7 years and want new development / the future of video game design, get Sony’s PS5.

Because every Xbox One video game returned up to 60% lost sales. Lots of Video Game development has been held back from release. To be released for the Xbox Series X and PS5.

These Games will play better on the Xbox Series X because it’s old development.

Look at the “new” Halo game Microsoft showed off, looked like an old Xbox One video game, held back from release.

I would love to see what Rockstar does with an Exclusive Grand Theft Auto game on the PS5 console.

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC with ultra setting will look great on new Xbox Series X but with the PS5, you got to rethink the game design.

The Other thing i was waiting to see? Sony’s PS5 cooling design. And damn, Sony put metal to the wall.

Where the Xbox Series X has a vapour chamber cooler and nice airflow.

Sony’s PS5 uses 6 heat-pipes, where 4 are routed to the backside for quick easy airflow out of the case and 2 heat-pipes surrounded by lots of fins, for channelled air-flow heat out of the back.

There is a fat fin-stack over the chip and another fat fin-stack next to it with an air-channel between pushing heat out.

Liquid metal to quickly transfer heat into those heat-pipes and good air-pressure and air-flow to push the heat out of the box.

I can also see placement of SSD memory around the chip and placement for the SSD controller right next to the chip, for an upcoming PS5 slim model.

The PS5 is good. And I want one.

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