Post 106 – 10 Checkers Apartheid Items or Less

i was born during apartheid, where my human life was valued below that of property & product.

i wasn’t allowed onto the property in order to keep my black hands off the product.

but now it’s 2020. 10 checkers items for you kaffer or less.

the checkers express checkout. when you don’t have a lot of items, $100 or less worth of items. some people buy everyday and others buy in bulk (per month).

Lets see how many items i had:
chicken livers
soda x3
soap x2
waste bags
toilet paper

15 items in total.

And Checkers acted like it was apartheid all over again.

Here i thought it was 2020 and i had some human rights to be able to gauge, that i don’t have a lot of items and that me using the express lane at Checkers was perfectly fine but no.

Checkers used the fact that no1 counts the amount of items they have and used that fact to discriminate against me.

Since apartheid fell, items and property policy, doesn’t stand above my human rights anymore.

I as a human being must matter more than, 10 Checkers items or less.

Not in the new South Africa.

I had 15 items in an express lane with nobody behind me. I even pointed it out. But that wasn’t enough for Checkers.

I was there when Nelson Mandela was released from prison. I am still waiting for New South Africa to rebuild out of apartheid. But at Checkers using black people as blackface.

No item, No property and No policy, stands above that of any human being’s human rights.

A human Being is Alive. An item, a building, a piece of paper, is not alive.

I have lost hope. This world keeps showing me and telling me, that i am not human and that i have no human rights and that i must die.

How is it that it’s 2020 with one of the best human rights in the world, and now it’s the black people using product, to call me a kaffer because of Checker and their warehouse policy.

In 1994, i couldn’t figure out why a person of colour with their 1st ever vote, would vote to keep apartheid alive. Now 26 years later, the perpetuation of racist apartheid continues.

I don’t know. Maybe this world was not designed for people of colour. Maybe God himself is racist as fuck. How many times do i have to die, over and over again? For these Checker people to understand that i am more than 10 items or less. I trust my judgement.

I have lived many a life, when i try to cheat the express lane option, a whole line of people would tell me to go stand in the non-express line. Everybody is looking into everybody’s shopping chart and nobody has a problem with 15 items in an express lane.

Checkers doesn’t want to use more people at the express lane section. Now they take it out on us, like they did back in apartheid. Just now it’s a different colour face. Same game.

Checkers is for the white areas in south africa.
Shoprite is for the black areas in south africa.

I had 15 items with no1 behind me in an express lane. And Checkers felt the need, to say…

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