Post 110 – Crimes & Anti-Human Rights, Digital Rights Management of Valve Steam.

Words have no power. But human rights hold all the powers.

Non of my human rights can be sold, transferred, given away, signed away, killed, ect.

Valve Steam as a digital rights management company, doesn’t stand above a person’s human rights.

So it then becomes, how does Valve Steam as a company, manage human rights.

Words are not actions. “i kill you”, doesn’t mean that you are dead? For reading words, hearing vocal cords.

Actions are actions. How does Valve Steam as a management company & stuff, take action forth handling/managing/action, with people’s human rights?

I buy with money, retail product, video game, plastic & paper, it has valve, even after use.

Plastic (oil), paper (trees), sand, iron, steel, gold, silver, meat, ect all has valve.

Before i can play the product i have bought from the retail store with money.

– Valve Steam Digital Rights Management.

Valve Steam DRM: i will keep your rights to use the product you bought safe.

Valve Steam Account. My understanding is that if i request my rights to use product back, it should returned to me.

Whatever reason i may have, in wanting the digital rights back for myself to manage, Valve Steam has to de-activate all the Digital Rights being managed & return the Digital Rights to the User/Account holder.

Now. If this is not the case. & this is not what Valve Steam does. Then we have a Human Rights Violation on part by the actions of set Valve Steam.

I like to write. Human Rights to freedoms of expression with my fingers, whether in public or in private, say a private company like Valve Steam.

I like to write. My Human Rights to freedoms of expressions with my fingers, is really important to me. You may not care for human rights to freedoms of expressions with fingers & writing words. But I do.

I like to write & i also know my human rights. It’s important for me to have access to my writing. I do social commentary, not about right or wrong, sometimes i need dumb/racist shit to get a dumb/racist person to comprehend their own human rights & their own human rights actions/violations.

But, the writing i brought to Valve Steam was about figure metrics. With really good insight. An audience who knows better but doesn’t & can’t comprehend properly & trolling based on their own belief of self-righteous.

Words are not actionable.

Valve Steam Mods allows certain language, jokes, crude language, insults, trolling, hound dogging, disrepute, defile, ect, directed towards me. Because it’s just words.

But when i respond, with words, to people responding to me. Then Valve Steam Mods want to have a problem.

I contact Valve Steam Support. – No Response.

I do not like that my human rights to freedoms of expression with my fingers, are being violated by Valve Steam Mods.

Words are not actionable.

Locking, blocking, banning, stealing, is actionable.

Words are not actionable, “i kill you”, doesn’t mean you are now dead?

Taking another person’s money, stealing, actionable, Valve Steam Digital Management Rights, actionable.

Dear Valve Steam Support:

1- i do not like that my human rights are being violated and the reasoning given for violating my human rights are not applicable against people’s human rights to freedom’s of expression of their fingers.

2- if you can not provide adequate reasoning why Valve Steam is violating my human rights to freedoms of expression of my fingers written words.

-then remove all the written words those human rights to freedoms of expressions those human rights fingers have written.

3- User/Steam Account doesn’t support companies violating people’s human rights.

Request – deactivate all video game manage & return the rights to user/steam account.

4- thank you.

Valve Steam Response….?

after 3 times. Months apart. Find myself in the same position, with Valve Steam, another human rights violation.

This time. Valve Steam Support wants to have feelings after their actions vs my words.

I contacted Valve Steam Support but i knew there would be no support.

I opened two threads. On topic. One was closed with faulty reasoning.

The other thread i forced closed. Edit, fuck you. Stupid racist piece of shit. Just being rude with words & racist & crude to give Valve Steam Mod reason to actionable. Even said sorry to another user caught in the cross-fire.

Again, words are not actionable. The n-word (nigger) is not the racist part. Words are not actionable. The jew word (jewish) is not the racist part.

Killing another because of the colour of their skin, actionable, bad, human rights violation.

Words vs actions.

Racist people call black people the n-word because they want the person to hit them, so that the racist can call the police to shot & kill the person of colour.

Words vs actions.

This thread i forced closed with words. I wrote about human rights understanding & then someone laughed at an understanding & when asked to take human rights into account and explain it proper for us. And then the comprehension. I had to force close.

My human rights to freedoms of expressions with my fingers, are really important to me. You may find zero valve? It’s my human rights & so it’s your human rights you are violating.

Dear Valve Steam Support, again….

ban. More bans. Don’t use words towards me. I will action/manage…

words are not actionable vs Valve Steam Support refusing to deactivate any of my digital rights to products i bought. & now Valve Steam has stolen the video game digital rights from me.

Then Valve Steam reached over, actionable, over to other User/Steam Accounts & stole those games too.

All i did was words vs All the Actions Valve Steam Management took to Steal from User/Accounts.

That is a Crime & Human Rights Violations on part of Valve Steam Digital Rights Management company’s actions vs User/Account’s Words (non-actionable words).

I was born with no human rights. I was given human rights later in life. Because we fought for it.

I’ve been called much worse than a nigger because of the colour of my skin.

Why is a private company, Valve Steam, violating my precious human rights to freedoms of expressions with my fingers & stealing my digital rights, i paid for? “I don’t like you and you make me feel”, is not reason enough for my human rights to freedoms of expression with my fingers to be violated by any fucking private company & then to steal from the user on top of that.

Words vs the actions of Valve Steam.

Part 2 – when you start looking at what type of language & behaviour valve steam support is allowing & supporting. You start to see similarities between the people vs the capitol hill?

Steam better give my money back. – Warning from God.

“I will Kill You” – words vs Action of Valve Steam.

PC Master RACE?

Gabe their jesus figure?

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