Vision and Goals and Dreams!

Vision and Goals and Dreams!

There is a question? I believe the world was asked this question? You would know it as, WWJD, what would jesus do?

Lets see.
What would jesus do? Say if jesus woke up today and you are stood before jesus? WWJD? What would you do?

Now, i want to believe that i would give up my life? But in reality? erm? who is going to believe…?

i mean. when you understand the jesus character. you won’t be able to look at it. erm? what’s it called, a freak of nature. a person that you can/not love.

jesus is also dirt poor & sleeping in a tree in south africa. wait… lets not start there.


where would jesus start? Human Rights.

What is human rights? being able to be born, live and die, on this planet.

Stretch out your hands and feet. Vitruvian Man. That circle. That space belongs to you. And nobody can fuck with you within that space.
A common phrase you will hear, “don’t put your hands onto another person”.
You do not have the rights to enter another person’s human rights space.

That is the idea behind human rights. Your human rights space can increase, say when you, have a house/car. “Make the circle bigger”, youtube it.

There is another step to Human rights, that makes human rights function properly. Basic Human Rights.

Basic Human Rights?
free food.
free housing.
free education.
free healthcare & medicine.
free higher education.

5 interconnecting systems. Yet the way of life changes. I would say for the better.

Year 2020?
farmers can’t eat.
the housing gap is insane.
people can’t comprehend out of school.
healthcare systems & medicine, out of control.
so much debt for higher education. new age slave labour.

If jesus wakes up? What Would Jesus Do? Basic Human Rights.

if you ask jesus. he sees those 5 interconnecting systems working & how to get there.


I live in a system that will not help me at all. That will not see/acknoledge me at all.

The people are so poor & no1 wants to help. No1 can help.

I wrote a post before, “Can Jesus Save a Baker?”, i found this person who bakes the best bread&buns in the whole neighborhood. The type of bread i’ve seen distributed within a city.
This baker was baking out of a piece-of-shit corner store, with out of date baking equipment.
One day the bread tasted different. New owners, didn’t care about the baking, found the baker pumping gas.
I tried to speak to him. But, he had false hope. Perfect location to setup a baking operation, interconnect roads, food program? The baker couldn’t get the help he needed.

I want to start a system where anyone can enter the door and live to their talent/desire, and work towards basic human rights.

With zero access to money. Dreams.

-register a company.
i can’t figure out a good name. if you have any ideas, email me.
new basic human rights system built up africa, & into the world. A new way of living life.
I can’t get to a decent name.

-seek money.
i want to get people working. work towards tech/gaming company that branches out, where all money goes towards setting up basic human rights systems.
erm? think of all the money in the world? it’s not enough, and i will never be able to reach that point? but that doesn’t mean there is not a plan in place, and far beyond.

depending on how much money i can seek? will depend the starting point.


basic human rights…

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