vision and dreams

Vision and dreams

What is going on in the world?

The Art of War Disc 1
Retaliation (Intro).
Maraching for their lives
Thousands march across the US and around world to demand tougher gun laws
around the world
“Am I next?”
“Ballots cut deeper than bullets”

I say the war shouldn’t stop

*the gun argument. human rights vs gun rights. what is human rights? a person that you leave to themselves and don’t fuck with that person. apply to every person, animal, plant and other life forms that is in the known universe. Even the platypus. what about the non living life forms? Fuck em, they dead. Can a rock live, breath, be alive and die at the same time? Does the earth breath? Is the planet not alive? or is it just a dead rock, doing dead rock things such as flying away from a bang. a big bang. religion and science. the search for the answer, What is Human Rights? turns out, it’s not that easy to answer. How many years has it been? Jesus? Buddha? Muhammad? Egyptian Gods? How far back does it go? Is the rock alive?

gun rights. While figuring out what human rights is, that search to find the meaning of what, does it mean to be human? While We wait, it’s hard to answer… it will take a long time to figure it out… Here is some rules to help figure it out. Gun rights. You are a person therefore you have the right to own a gun. but does that right outweigh another persons right to live and be alive before it dies. the gun argument, the answer is no, gun rights, does not outweigh other person’s human right to just be left alone and not be fucked it while that person is being alive on the rock.

Are you a person?