Shop of Horror!!!
or should call it shop of sadness?

am making this my landing page, off to the writing links.

also nothing to sell just yet.
-hence sadness.


seeing as this is the landing page. Hello.

idk, i write as critique on social commentary.
-i try to say what the masses are not saying, thinking, comprehending?

but that doesn’t mean i support the views of my writing.

i am one of those human rights types of people.
-mainly because i was born without any.

moral/ethical/church, = the law. social understandings.
-human rights violations?

beyond that. how you feel. as a person. erm?

typically i follow the masses.
-whether right or wrong.

my writing, idk, untrained, & i get bored.
-hence comment/feedback, you write better, ok?
-judged by me.


This Is the Shop Of Horrific Proportions.

-Coming Soon!

Onlyfans (non-nude).
-Coming Later!

Manga Series!
-i can’t draw, Never Coming.
-erm? $1999.

i need to take photos to use on web.
& record video.

(1) – Postcard – $10
-normal post, No Guarantees!!!
-if you like an image, buy it onlyfans, $5.

but i know you stamp people. $15. different stamp from the others.
-submit your special stamp collection for comment.

(2) – Photo Print – $20
with frame – $30

lets start there. landing page.

Subscription – Support for More bad Writing & more Bad photos.
$1 patreon
$1 onlyfans (non-nude).

$100 – support

i reckon $1999/month.

$1000 – sub support if you want More products.
-get people to work.

i will try to get a drawer to get a manga product out.
-anything more i am going to need space.
debt i won’t get.

And that is my landing page.
i hope you got a sense of the writing. the vision & dream. politics, religion, product reviews, ect.

For the Latest Post- link

& Enjoy Our Wonderful Writing Topics such as:

Social Commentary – link
World Political/Social/Religious Climate

Reviews – link
idk, review people’s content & stuff.

Food/Diet/”Health” Talk – link
Come Cook with Me

You Know I’ve Never Had A Playstation or Nintendo Console. IDK?

Science/Research Commentary – Link
Users Must Feedback Interest.

Sunday Sermon – Link
Human Rights To Freedoms of Expression to create/string words together, whether in public or in private spaces/servers, this is my god given right as a human being, & it’s my constitutions human rights.
-Do Not Kill Me.
sent an email first. i have no problem editing/deleting/ect?

Mud Hut Soul Series – Link
i write what i think. Some Times the writing has nowhere to go.

Landing Page.

Help/Wanted – link
-if you want to write & contribute.

Comments – Link
if you have good comment. I’ll post it here.

Submissions – Link
idk, direct ur nudes here.

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