Food Revolution 2022 – Vegan & Plant-Based?

Food Revolution 2022 – Vegan & Plant-Based?

the vegans are winning.
-25% world factory must switch to vegan/plant-based products.

And i am all for it.

food is simple.
-sugar & spice.

beans what fills you up.
-how many fast food restaurants have bean options?

burger king had a bean sandwich.
-idk? i missed it.

people mad the burger king bean sandwich off the menu.
-replaced by vegan sandwich.

now burger king got vegan restaurants in europe.
-with meat optional.

burger king has many options which means many mistakes.
-having vegan stores, extra layer of trust that it’s vegan you are getting.

2022 home cooking is where its all about.

little oil – inflation times.
non-stick – vegan/soy bits, shaved broccoli, seasonal fruit/table brown sugar, canned fruit (must support the factory), diced carrot, spice colour range, pressure cooked beans, canned baked beans (factory again)/pressured cooked pumpkin.

goes good with rice, pasta, bread, flat/taco, ect.

burger king has plant-based & vegan options.
-take it home & add your own sugar, spice, love.

how sweet?

when 2020 rolled around, burger king was the last meat based meal i ate.

i never cared for burger king before but i gave it a try when pandemic rolled around.
-it was good.

ever since vegan/plant-based transition.
-been preparing.

it’s not easy to transition too anything.
-look at this post? coming from twitter?

vegan i went.
-replace meat with beans.

that’s it.

my 2022 fast food order.
-vegan/veggie burger.
-no fries/soda.
add avo.
add bean/fruit/spice/veg stew.
-idk? twitter said it was legendary?
add fermented veg/chili store bought. (factory again).
pressure cook some pot on the side.
hot sauce/dip.
brics african/south american coffee beans.
brew in italian moka pot.

soda cola replacement?
-sugar & brics african cocoa beans. that’s it. add water.
-65%. still better than coca-cola?

two ways i like eating sushi.
-of course the normal way… but pandemic times & inflation.

burger king vegan nuggets & veg sushi order.

not even the spring roll is safe from the corporate monster

then i like to to a red onion in a steel pan with heavy spice & vinegar to scrap the sticking spices.
-canned crushed pineapple. touch of factory sweetness.

get veg sushi order.
-eat with onions?

there is one chinese/sushi/thai/ food place that is the best in the neighborhood.
-2020: i don’t want your cash money, order online.

me: scan thru the glass door?


drove pass the second best sushi place (complex), and went to order online.

driving up & down with all this inflation & gas prices?

the complex num 2 sushi master in the neighborhood.
-idk? like a walmart store.

pandemic covid time, stores where changing up.

num 2 moved to the meat department of the store.
-hell & rude people.

being a good sushi master?
-can’t be rude.

  1. small chinese girl replaced by a big black man.
    -sushi master leaving skills behind, in the meat department.

number 3 sushi master.
-another complex.
-idk? if the colonials are speaking japanese or chinese with number 3.
-but they speaking.

this sushi master is rude.
-cakes, doughnuts, baked bums & rolls.
-daily asshole charm.

cleaning aisle always other side of the store.
-always empty.

since 2020 vegan products were put into the freezers.
-taking daily convenience away.

stores pushing shoppers into a different direction.

i find these two people talking about vegan products.
-health reasons why you should switch vs age.

rep no less: where is the mushroom vegan pies bitch.
-the other shop.

so i thought. & you. stop eating meat. listen to this vegan rep.

vegan company called … always cares about you.
-not all factories are bad.

try a vegan/plant based product.
-it’s actual good.

and you don’t feel like shit after?

this vegan company rep comes from a factory that has history.
-& been on the fast food menu for many years replacing any meat offering with ease at a big fast food outlet.

now that i’m vegan/plant-based with pandemic gut reasons.
-i like a vegan/veggie patty on the menu.

mcdonalds got a veggie burger.
-half the price.

tastes nice. & deep fried.
-with some big mac sauce.

broke my big mac mcdonalds addiction with vegan mayonnaise at home.
-& steamed pot.

feeding happy meals to kids? beef & chicken.
-it’s why babies get vaccinated.

you have been vaccinated before.

rolling the dice for a vaccine ad?
-the african factory vaccine.
its good.

daily convenience taken away & off to the fast food place to get the same product at higher prices.

do i add an ad here for inflation.

starving africans & oil factories ads.
-i am looking for funding btw.

good fortune ad?


europe is exporting vegan cheese & beyond meat & other.
-eu all aboard the vegan home gravy train.
-india will grow the mcfries pot. ok.

i am not a cheese person.
but when i tried that vegan cheese.
-idk? i like it.
but inflation.
-can’t think about it.

next ads and all.

1 green veg.
1 fruit/african brown sugar,
1 can bean.
1 mix indian spice shop.

food that tastes so good.
-bringing brics nations together.

1 drop of cannabis thc sativa infused oil.
-reduce food consumption & sativa for working people.
-south africa.

1 drop of cannabis thc indica infused hot sauce.
-south america/mexico.

-welcome to the land of the poor.
-1 soul at a time.

Mud Hut Soul?
-Where the Soul clicks. ads…

thank you for reading and
click on the shop link.
-find your way from there.

i am poor. i have no problem begging. toss a coin… out of your mud hole.
-from the same hole i buried my dead dog in.

yes. $1 to enter the Mud Hut Soul Shop of Horrors.

google will auto-ad me out.

goggle adsense: am not putting no ads in this shit?
also google a.i: where is my mud hut soul? i want a mud hut coin tosser.

email comments/feedback & let us know which ad google bummed you with?