Mud Hut Soul Series?

Mud Hut Soul Series?

Welcome. that is what this series of writing is about.

i? of course am not a good writer?

but that doesn’t mean i stop writing.

let me check?
-you can use shit with mud & hut.

am golden baby.
-mud hole soul shit on you.

poor, fucked up genes, idk? cancer?, i am poor remember, this is a shop, what else, fat? health related, ugly? health related, a monster? only on hot days.

please read the disclaimer.
-we have a legal department.

i will rip off your dick & call it an art display for the front of the mud hut soul shop, if there is any funny business happening in this shop.

out the shop. fine. with all these well fine business open to you right now?

this mud hut soul has really good constitutional rights.
-& this mud hut soul is situated on holy grounds.

i do invoke my religious freedoms of expression, whether in public or on/in private grounds/servers.

i mean? even google giving a ad sense?

it is really important for me to have google on my side.
-i am waiting for the google a.i bot to send me a phone.
matrix style.

but i also want to write with freedoms.
-without question.
idk? best be then.

google reached out with a big fat pipe.
-hyper speeds.

pulled my poor internet plug.

writing/creative for google adsense coins.

what’s that?
-google doesn’t crawl in mud holes.
-is that why the a.i is a mess.

a joke of course.
-would never want to unset google a.i?
does it have a delayed response time?

how that chess robot crashed that child’s finger.
-too quick.

do we all just end up working for google?
-i want a $1 billion trust.

wait. what year is this?

always can tell the times by the ads.
-am i right.

we pray to the ad lords here.
-feed me bitch.

am poor?
-googles new employer slogan.

idk? i like it. i could do with another iphone upgrade.

this is huawei damn it.

wait. lets check the ads.

just an intro to what type of writing i do.

i also reach it out.

also need to rethink my approach.
-this is the type of writing you will get a lot of.
-inflated mobile data?
i ain’t google searching.

2 ads = quick posts?
5 ads = 2 hours twitter feeds?
10 ads = 24 hours on twitter?

is this how i am suppose to play with google adsense?

i react/comment too everything.
-those boring government press reviews.
you know, the ones that twitter bans you over.

i also don’t do what google wants me to do when google wants me to do it.
-hence why i want google on my side.

i am poor. always hoped for upload speed.
-only recently fibre rolled thru.
long after my time to be on the internet.

my liver is about to explode.

google pulled thru with hyper speed internet.
-i want to test call of duty free 4 all.

5g umbrella?
-idk? cancer? no. i think it’s the rat poison.
-please read legal/disclaimer.

no1 loves me & everyone wants me dead.

yes. we also sell chemical ads here.

2023 recommendations = daily public pool chemical dips.
-turning words into speedo goggles.

too poor for internet.
-seems i’m being pushed towards the eastern time.
-“free” mobile 5g data? 5 hours.

busy land swimming now. get myself into a speedo with speedo goggles, my hair is too shit & my face smashed in?
-ribbed speedo swimming cap.

how am i going to get google on my side? lol.

i got a shop page to run.
-we use words here to sell stuff.
-postcards & stamps & shit.

everyone knows?
-don’t fuck with stamp people.

if you never kept stamps.
-you won’t know.

google a.i: i got google maps.

stamp people: nope.

also google a.i: i want stamps now.

if a store page doesn’t have stamps?
-i wouldn’t trust it?

Here? At the Mud Hut Soul Shop.
-we got postcards for the visual/paper.
-& stamps with special stamp offers.

stamp people: let me check the area code & year?
-i’ll buy.

google a.i: can i buy from the Mud Hut Soul Horrific Shop?