The Biting Sandwich

The Biting Sandwich
-Vegan Safe

i put some pot into the pressure cooker.

i was hungry so i put a sandwich together.

4 slices. i was going to share.
-sliced avocado, hot fermented veg/chili, baked beans, vegan cheese sliced, hot mustard.

2 pot sides with hot sauce.

2 oranges to wash it all down with sugar.

the sandwich was so good.
-i didn’t share.

i was just cooking steamed pot.
suppose to be a quick sandwich while the pot cooks.

ate one sandwich when the pot was finished cooking.

now there is pot all over the place.
-only had 2.

and this was a daily food journal/ideas.

kinda boring.
-going to take food photos too.

what year is this? 2022.
-no1 a foodie blogger anymore.

find your way back to the shop of horror if you hungry for product.